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定制的大猩猩玻璃,0.33毫米- 2毫米厚度

  • 0.7mm gorilla glass
  • Custom glass panel
  • Custom gorilla glass
  • Custom 3D glass

Custom Cut Gorilla Glass as per Your Drawing

SXET custom世界杯比赛名单 protects devices from a drop of up to 1.6m. At SXET, we offer a wide range of2022世界杯南美区预选赛 raw materials, you can choose from ranging from the gorilla glass 2 up to gorilla glass 6, and we can print any color you’d like on your custom gorilla glass.

Custom2022世界杯南美区预选赛 can be used as a cover to protect your facility, meanwhile, you can control your facility with the glass. Gorilla glass is very resistant to drops and anti-scratch, it is very helpful to protect your device. Gorilla glass using for a wide range, such as LCD display, MP3/MP4 display, smart home device, remote control equipment, and so on.

SXET offers any glass’ shape, you can get from SXET glass with better tight tolerance. Also, all custom gorilla glass is under CNC manufacturing, and we can print any color of your choice on your glass projects.

SXET is a professional custom gorilla glass manufacturer, we fabricate gorilla glass as per your drawing with a resonable price within 0.4mm- 2mm thickness .
SXET is an expert gorilla glass deep processing supplier, we can custom cut gorilla glass to any size as per your request.
Cutting gorilla glass
With over 12 years experien of gorilla glass manufacturing, SXET can cut gorilla glass to any size, any shape for you to meet any projects. Gorilla glass cutting by CNC machinery
As a gorilla glass OEM manufacturer, SXET can cut gorilla glass to any size according to your drawing, color printing as your needs.
Gorilla glass cut to size
SXET focus on high-grade gorilla glass material processing, we could manufacture gorilla glass to any size from 3mm diameter to 34 inches.
Thin gorilla glass
SXET is a professional thin gorilla glass manufacturer, we can manufacture 0.33mm - 2mm thickness high-quality gorilla glass as per .

Custom Gorilla Glass Manufacturing Workshop

Glass Cut

SXET glass can offer you 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm. Custom to size for your projects/

Glass CNC Machining

SXET can do any glass shape for you, such as Rectangle, Square, Round, Oval, and so on.

Glass CNC Grinding

All edges are grinding by CNC machinery, all edge is polished and smooth

Glass CNC Fabricating

We can drill many holes on one custom gorilla glass as your request, and all hole edge is smooth

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    Our Custom Gorilla Glass Machining Capabilities

    As an expert custom2022世界杯南美区预选赛 manufacturer in China, we can do custom gorilla glass with a wide range of thickness for your business. Such as, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm. And we can do any color printing on custom gorilla glass as your demand.

    SXET offers an increased variety of2022年世界杯抽签 cut specifically to your electronic device needs.

    Unlike many factories that do normal polish edge, SXET offers custom edge cutting and our SXET glass can be polished and smoothed to 2.5D edge, 3D edge, Beveled edge, Steeped edge, any choice you might have for your custom gorilla glass.

    Also, we offer anti-reflective coating, AR&AF coating, and optical coating for your glass, and to make things easier for you, we can stick 3M adhesive/tape/glue for you to assemble other parts on your device.

    At SXET glass, all custom gorilla glass is processing by CNC machining, so we can control tight tolerance for your projects, up or down 0.05mm as your request. With tight tolerance, you can easy to assemble glass to other parts.

    At SXET, we can finish 20000 pcs custom gorilla glass per day, so no matter how big your order is, we can meet your request, and deliver custom gorilla glass to you on time. And our MOQ is just 20 pcs for trial order.

    SXET can offer your samples for free, we have many samples in stock, if you ask our stock samples to check the quality, we can send some pcs samples for free. If you ask us to do some custom gorilla glass samples, no problem for us, you just need to pay us the labor cost, we don’t need to get any benefit from a sample order to fully support you to increase a new project.

    SXET delivers quality service and products to ensure you are getting your money’s worth as a customer. Just send in your recommendations and we will tailor your2022年世界杯抽签 to your specifications.

    Stepped edge cutting
    You can ger stepped edge glass with different thickness of glass from SXET
    3D edge cutting
    SXET can fabricate custom 3D edge for you, 0.4mm -4mm thickness you can choose
    Beveled glass cutting
    Custom beveled edge cutting, SXET is your best choice
    Holes drilling
    SXET can do multihole on a glass for your special needs. CNC machining or laser machining is available

    Custom gorilla glass basic function

    伊朗vs美国谁会赢?2022年世界杯抽签 is manufactured for the protection of many devices and implements including mobile phones, adapters, laptops, and so on.

    Be it fostering touch sensitivity or protecting your device from external elements, SXET custom gorilla glass offers high-scratch resistance, increased durability, and better damage resistance.

    2022世界杯南美区预选赛 is a thin sheet of glass typically used as a protective layer on many electronic devices, including smartphones, LCD TVs, laptops, etc. It is commonly a chemically strengthened version of a material known as alkali-aluminosilicate, which allows it to be. When custom gorilla glass undergoes an intense process called High Ion Exchange (HIE), it changes its composition during manufacturing. Hence, it becomes highly scratch resistant and increases its durability. Due to these distinctive characteristics, gorilla glass has become widespread and renowned for its toughness and ability to fit even the lightest devices.

    Custom gorilla glass

    Custom gorilla glass

    Custom Gorilla Glass Applications

    SXET custom gorilla glass offers ideal protective covering for the front and/or backend of many electronic devices such as cameras, smart home devices, mobile phones, smartwatches, and other tech wearables, laptops, and so on.

    At SXET we offer custom gorilla glass cut to the dimension of your desired need.

    Company Business Advantage

    With more than ten years in gorilla glass deep processing, at SXET we offer custom gorilla glass cut specifically to your devices’ dimensions.

    We offer reasonable prices with trail order with 7-10 days lead time, and if you aren’t sure what design you’d like on your custom gorilla glass, SXET offers glass drawings and reference product samples for FREE.

    So whether you need custom gorilla glass to protect your mobile or home device, SXET is always your best bet!

    Summarily, at SXET we offer nothing but the absolute best when it comes to custom gorilla glass cut for your electronic devices.

    Be it for your smartphone, laptop, or other electronic devices, we believe you deserve nothing less than a quality product.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Send us an inquiry for the SXET custom gorilla glass now!

    Gorilla glass for camera glass lens

    Gorilla glass for camera glass lens

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide forCustom Gorilla glass

    From finding the right size for your device to knowing the prices for select items, choosing the right product for your device can be somewhat tricky, but to make your decision process easier, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs.

    If you’re curious to know more about our SXET custom gorilla glass, here’s a comprehensive guide to answer all your potential questions.

    What Does Your Company Do?

    SXET is a glass manufacturing company based in China. With over ten years of experience in glass manufacturing and glass deep processing, we provide our buyers with numerous quality glass product options at affordable prices while delivering impeccable customer service to our buyers. At SXET, our mission is to provide our customers with quality glass products that create value and improve your technology lifestyle by design.

    Where is Your Company Based

    We are a factory with a decade’s experience in glass manufacturing based in Shenzhen, China. Our building is specifically located in Hongfa industrial park, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, and our doors are always open to visit on weekdays.

    How Does Your Custom Gorilla Glass Protect My Device?

    Every day your electronic devices are exposed to various kinds of mishaps. Simple accidents like scratches falls, and other forms of impact can reduce your device performance and significantly increase the risk of overall damage. However, with SXET custom gorilla glass, your device is better equipped to withstand traumatic events ensuring your device is protected, and its performance is preserved.

    Why Get a Custom Gorilla Glass When There Are Standard Options?

    Our SXET custom gorilla glass option serves as an excellent alternative for those who’d like to make a statement with their electronic devices. While the standard gorilla glass does offer protection of your electronic device, the option of designing your gorilla glass in whatever color, shape, size, or however way you want, lets you know that our SXET custom gorilla glass is effective in combining both practicality and design in a product.

    How Is Your Custom Gorilla Glass Made?

    We make gorilla glass by implementing the chemical principles used in standard gorilla glass production where the alkali aluminosilicate glass is reinforced by ion exchange. The conventional method gives gorilla glass the ability to protect your device and make it less resistant to external damage. In addition to this conventional production method, at SXET, we add a twist to the production by sometimes including colors and implementing techniques to make your order more aesthetic while still practical in improving your device’s external resistance. This is how we make your custom gorilla glass.

    What Does Your Custom Gorilla Glass Do For My Device?

    At SXET, we manufacture custom gorilla glass to serve as added protection to your device. Our custom gorilla glass equips your phone to withstand scratches better, falls, close-contact impact, and the product improves your device’s overall durability.

    Wouldn’t The Added Protection Of Custom Gorilla Glass Make My Device Bulkier?

    不,它不会。由于我们的强化玻璃processing methods, we implement techniques that produce a custom gorilla glass that is both durable and light-weight, making sure your device is brandished with practicality and visual appeal.

    How Do You Manufacture Custom Gorilla Glass?

    At SXET, we select the best material from trusted glass manufacturers. We run the glass material through a CNC manufacturing process that ensures that your custom gorilla glass offers better tight tolerance. After this, we smoothen the edges of custom gorilla glass products to any shape you want, and we can color your order to any shade of your choice.

    How Do You Custom Gorilla Glass Cut?

    Thanks to our intensive CNC manufacturing process, at SXET, we can cut custom gorilla glass in any of the three general methods:

    We cut the custom gorilla glass to the desired shape and size at the right angle for the flat edge shape. This method is finalized without polishing. The next method is the 2.5D arc edge; here, your custom gorilla glass screen protector would be smoother by getting passed through a glass smoother machine. And for the 3D arc edge, your custom gorilla glass is made by passing it through a hot bending machine, which makes it a perfect fit for the edges of your electronic devices.

    We can make custom gorilla glass with any of these techniques, depending on your screen protector desires.

    Cover glass

    0.55mm Custom gorilla glass

    What Are Your Custom Gorilla Glass Features?

    Our glass products are manufactured by CNC machinery and offer a glass tolerance of +/- 0.05mm. Additionally, SXET custom gorilla glass products are made to a thickness of your choice. Our thickness of custom gorilla glass options are 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6 mm.

    What Kind Of Custom Gorilla Glass Options Do You Provide?

    At SXET, we offer a wide range of options you can use for your custom gorilla glass. Our vast raw materials set include standard gorilla glass options such as gorilla glass 2, gorilla glass 3, gorilla glass 4, gorilla glass 5, gorilla glass 6, and we include the new options in our line as the gorilla glass is updated, giving you more options for your custom gorilla glass order.

    What Shapes Are Available For Your Custom Gorilla Glass?

    Thanks to our intensive CNC manufacturing process, we can cut the select glass materials to any shape you want. And unlike many factories that offer just standard cut with regular polishing, we offer custom edge cutting. At SXET, we can smoothen your custom gorilla glass order to any edge shape of your choices, such as 2.5D edge, 3D edge, Beveled edge, Steeped edge, or any edge shape of your choice.

    What Sort Of Protective Covering Do You Use On The Custom Gorilla Glass?

    With over ten years of experience in glass manufacturing, at SXET, we offer only the best quality finishes for your custom gorilla glass. We offer anti-reflexive (AR), anti-fingerprint (AF) coating, anti-reflective coating, and optical coating for your custom gorilla glass orders. Additionally, to make things easier for you when you want to assemble other parts on your device, we can stick a 3M adhesive/tape/glue to your custom gorilla glass order.

    What Devices Do you Make Custom Gorilla Glass For?

    我们让所有的电子de定制gorilla玻璃vices. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, smartphone, LC displayer, we can make custom gorilla glass for any device or gadget of your choice. Send your device type and specific dimensions, and after selecting the best glass material for your specifications, we cut them to your custom gorilla glass desires.

    How Long Does Your Custom Gorilla Glass Last?

    As a result of the intensive CNC manufacturing process, our glass products have a shelf-life of over one year with proper care. If you face any issues such as breakage or color fading within that period, we will send a brand new custom gorilla glass to replace your item.

    Can Your Custom Gorilla Glass Break?

    Like other standard gorilla glass models, if subjected to a significant intensity and frequency of trauma, yes, your SXET custom gorilla glass can break. However, the glass was designed to protect whatever device it’s on from everyday hazards like falls, bumps, and scratches, and your custom gorilla glass takes the brunt of whatever damages your device should have had.

    Can Your Custom Gorilla Glass Get Scratched?

    SXET custom gorilla glass does the job of protecting your device from everyday mishaps, including receiving scratches that your device should have had.

    How Do I Choose The Best Custom Gorilla Glass For My Device?

    With over ten years of experience in glass manufacturing, at SXET, we have professionals ready to select the best materials for your device, so you do not have to worry about it. Just send over your device specifications, and we’ll select the most suitable glass material to produce the best custom gorilla glass that will satisfy your needs.

    Do You Make Colored Custom Gorilla Glass?

    Yes, we do. As a result of our intensive glass manufacturing process, we can print any color of your choice on your custom gorilla glass.

    Can You Produce A Vintage Design On Your Custom Gorilla Glass?

    Yes, we can. With our CNC manufacturing and deep glass processing, and with our ample years of experience in glass manufacturing, we can produce custom gorilla glass to any design of your choice, even if they are vintage designs. Just send whatever color, shape, design you would like on your custom gorilla glass, and at SXET, we would bring the desired design to life on your order.

    Do You Make Bulk Orders?

    Yes, we accept bulk orders and create all custom gorilla glass samples to your request. You can start buying with a low MOQ of about 50 pieces available at an affordable price.

    What If I Want a Design on My Custom Gorilla Glass?

    If you’d like a design on your custom gorilla glass, we’ve got you covered.

    Send us your desired drawing as a DXF, DWG, or PDF file, and we’ll handle the rest. At SXET, we have professional glass designers who are always ready to satisfy your customization needs. Give us the idea you have in mind, and we will bring the design to life on your custom gorilla glass order.

    Do You Offer any Special Bonuses?

    Apart from offering affordable custom gorilla glass products, we can do unique free samples for reference bulk order. Also, we offer free glass drawings for your custom gorilla glass designs.

    Where Can I Purchase SXET Custom Gorilla Glass?

    If you are based in China, any electronic device or gadget store is stocked with our SXET custom gorilla glass products. Additionally, you can come over to our manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China, to make your inquiries and see how we produce quality custom gorilla glass and other glass products. Also, if you’re outside the country, we can deliver to your area as well. Attach your address alongside your custom gorilla glass requirements, and we would be sure to get it sent to your stated location. You can order any custom gorilla glass of your choice on our website.


    Custom 1mm gorilla glass

    How Do I Make An order For Custom Gorilla Glass?

    To make an order for a single product or a bulk purchase, send a list of your detailed requirements to the message box below, and we would manufacture your custom gorilla glass order to your specifications.

    What Countries Do you Deliver To?

    Our SXET company delivers custom gorilla glass globally. After sending the necessary details such as the size, shape, color, and specific dimensions of your device for your custom gorilla glass, be sure to include the address you’d like your order delivered to, and we would have it sent to that location. Additionally, you can track the progress delivery report of your custom gorilla glass upon making your order.

    Glass panel

    Silkscreen printing on custom gorilla glass

    How Long Does It Take You To Deliver My Custom Gorilla Glass?

    我们你指定时期内交付订单。德pending on your location and other transport processes, it might require longer. However, our custom gorilla glass is delivered globally, with 7-10 days of lead time.

    What Is Your Return Policy?

    If you experience any dissatisfaction with your custom gorilla glass order, be it color fading or a crack within a year, be sure to send us a message stating the issue. If our one-year warranty promises aren’t satisfied in that time frame, we will send a replacement custom gorilla glass without delay.

    Do You Have Other Kinds Of Glass Products?

    Yes, we do.

    As a company with ten years’ experience in glass manufacturing and various glass processing methods, we’re in the business of producing glass in various capacities and with different processing techniques.

    Apart from custom gorilla glass, at SXET, we produce glass products such as 3D glass, custom glass panels, optical glass, tempered glass, toughened glass, and so on.

    Visit our website to see our list of our other products.

    Cover lens

    Custom gorilla glass for facility cover lens

    What is custom gorilla glass?

    Gorilla glass is an umbrella term for aluminosilicate glass, which has undergone chemical alterations. The process goes as far back as the ’60s and has since upgraded in its techniques. Today, expert glass manufacturers can now mold gorilla glass to fit the desired thickness, shape, or color. Simply put, custom gorilla glass is corning gorilla glass that is modified to suit a specific need. There is now an increased demand for customization because of the increase in the diversity of devices. So with custom gorilla glass, you can get the typical durability, scratch resistance, and transparency on any device you want.


    The time it takes to make a custom gorilla glass depends on many factors. Since its inception, Corning, the organization that develops gorilla glass, works tirelessly to improve the product’s quality in terms of strength, durability, and other significant aspects. It typically takes them about two years to produce a new generation of glass, so customization usually takes significantly less time. One of the factors that determine how long it takes is where you order from; some brands take more time than others, so try to check their reviews. Another factor to consider is what exactly you’re customizing. It takes more time to replicate several pieces for an LED TV than an iPhone. But you can always inquire about how long it’ll take to complete your order.

    Is custom gorilla glass expensive?

    The cost of gorilla glass depends on which product it comes in. Gorilla glass phone displays aren’t typically expensive; they usually cost under five dollars apiece, which is very pocket-friendly compared to the more costly sapphire display, which can run up to thirty dollars. However, when it comes to custom gorilla glass in windscreen, they can be pretty expensive because of the increased thickness. Another factor that affects prices is often the generation of gorilla glass in question. The most recent ones like Gorilla Glass 5 and 6 cost more than the earlier Corning technology like Gorilla glass 1 and 2. The price difference is easily attributed to production advancements, enabling the later versions to offer more protection.

    Can custom gorilla glass be cut?

    You cannot cut gorilla glass, provided it is of standard quality. So if you’re working with quality gorilla glass, you could end up damaging it in the process because strong chemicals reinforce it. Attempts to engrave it usually result in the glass breaking. Note that while gorilla glass can break or sustain cracks from falls, it’s not quite the same as cutting it that usually involves a cleaner result. It’s not like tempered glass that can easily cut using DIYs. Your best bet is to find a service that offers custom gorilla glass, as they can use more advanced techniques to alter it to your desire.

    Can you scratch custom gorilla glass?

    While custom gorilla glass offers a lot of scratch resistance, unfortunately, it is not scratch proof. So you still have to be careful when using it on your devices. Sharp objects can even puncture its surface and damage it. Scratch resistance is graded in thresholds, with the latest generation, gorilla glass 6, offering the most protection. Its point is about 7-10 newtons to resist damages from drops of about two meters. That’s because compared to the previous generations, gorilla glass 6 is less tempered. The more tempered an optic is, the more likely it is to scratch because it readily yields to external stress.

    Can custom gorilla glass break?

    If you subject any element to the right conditions and enough abuse, it will break, so it is the same with custom gorilla glass. Although the lasts Corning advancements make breaking gorilla glass a challenging task to accomplish, under the right amount of pressure, it will fail. It is not indestructible. Still, it is highly durable and can withstand a lot of everyday events without chipping. It’s considerably stronger than ordinary glass, so it offers more valuable protection. At the same time, it is also lightweight and doesn’t add noticeable bulk to the device.

    Should I put a tempered glass on gorilla glass?

    Due to gorilla glass’ durability and scratch resistance, some people might deem it unnecessary to add a layer of tempered glass on their device. While it’s not necessary, it is highly recommended you still buy a screen protector. The extra layer of tempered glass acts as a deterrent to micro-scratches and protects the inner custom gorilla glass. It can be especially beneficial in maintaining the layer’s integrity and preserving the visual appearance for longer.

    Who uses custom gorilla glass?

    Custom gorilla glass is gaining popularity because of its trademark qualities like strength, resistance, and even lightweight. Thus, it has several uses for brands and companies that manufacture electronic devices. Corning is the leading display screen supplier for big companies like apple. Apart from mobile devices, the gorilla glass application extends to other touchscreen devices in the home or the office. A device that requires an optical component can benefit from a customized gorilla glass.

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    With several years of experience in gorilla glass deep processing, SXET offers various options for all your orders.

    Get your desired specification in varying thickness, shapes, and sizes in any raw material.

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