Custom Tempered Curved Glass According to Your Drawing

Whether you’re in need of toughened curved glass for engineering/architectural purposes, for design and commercial, even in research and development, SXET can give you a hand in that!

  • All our toughened bent glass units are tested and quality inspected
  • SXET produces all OEM tempered curved glass units for whatever application it may seem fit
  • You can choose to have color-coating on your toughened curved glass units
Bent tempered glass

SXET can help you with whatever type of bent tempered glass your business needs. We can supply and produce circle design toughened glass, etched bent glass, colored bend glass, and many more! Just send us the sketch or the drawing of the design you need, and our research & development (R&D) team will create it for you!

Curved toughened glass

我们在toughe弯曲伊朗vs美国谁会赢?SXET可以帮你生产ned glass at any level of strength you may need and require. All our products undergo extreme and comprehensive testing before they’re sent out to respective clients. Specify the toughness and the hardness of the curved tempered glass you want and need for your business!

Curved double glazed windows

Need double glazed curved windows for the construction of your residential or commercial establishment? You can get it from us here at SXET at a considerate and decent rate! We can supply you with frosted or laminated curved double-glazed windows, insulated double-curved windows, and even toughened curved windows, too! The best part about that is you can have us customize it specifically to your liking!

Curved glass window

The vast majority of curved laminated glass products are used to ensure the safety and security of buildings, establishments, and other types of structures. Not our products here at SXET! Our curved laminated glass units are so stylish and fashionable that you can use it for the development of products that need it. Bonding various types of materials together, you will definitely find peace with our curved laminated glass!

Double curved glass

Most of SXET’s double curved glass products are used for modern buildings and architecture, as well as facades and other similar applications. We can supply you with rectangular double curved glass, circular double curved glass, or double curved glass that have specific angles that are intended for their application! We can do both hot and cold bending applications for them, too!

Curved insulated glassTake advantage of our curved insulated glass and get the heat and light reflection you’re looking for! Together with our partners, we can mass-produce the curved insulated glass units you want and have several applications for it! We inculcate many different types of technology in our products, you will never run out of options!

Your Premier China Curved Toughened Glass Company

SXET’s tempered bend glass units are so versatile that you can customize it vastly. We can produce heat-absorbing tempered curved glass, double curved glass, tempered curved coated glass, clear toughened glass, and many more! You can get tempered curved glass with thicknesses ranging from 3mm up to 25 mm from SXET, as well as custom colors like dark gray, ocean blue, yellow, green, and many more!

Our tempered bend glass units are used in many different sectors – hotel and restaurant, construction and skyscraper building, research and development, even in the medical and pharmaceutical business!

There’s clearly no limit as to how you can use our tempered curved glass, thanks to its strength, resistance, durability, and overall effectiveness and efficiency!

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Tempered Curved Glass – The Comprehensive Buying and FAQ Guide

In the glass industry, the demand for tempered curved glass products is through the roof. That’s why a lot of businesses are currently on the hunt for the best and most reliable tempered curved glass units.

For this buying and FAQ guide, we’ll be going over complete details as to how you can check and land on working with the best tempered curved glass manufacturers in the market. We’ll be discussing everything from how you can find them, what qualities you need to look for, as well as a couple of the pros and cons of using it.

Can Curved Glass Really Be Tempered?

Heat tempered curved glass

Image of a tempered curved glass

Yes, curved glass can be tempered, and, in fact, the tempering happens before the curving/bending process. So, it’s safe to say that tempered glass is the one to be curved/bent at a specific angle.

Glass fabrication and processing companies utilize specialized tools in the production/manufacturing of tempered curved glass, and that’s what we’ll be detailing for today!

Where Do You Use Toughened Curved Glass?

Tempered bent glass is a type of glass material that has a wide variety of uses. The most common of which would revolve around the architectural/design industry.

Toughened bent glass used as a chair

Toughened bent glass used as a table/furniture

They’re mostly used for enclosures, panels, glass partitions, shower doors, show or display cases, and many more!

To help you out even further, here’s a quick table that would give you an idea of the most common uses and applications for tempered bent glass.

Building/Construction Industry Facades, windows, doors, stairs.
Lighting and Fixtures Industry Revolving doors, separators/partitions, enclosures, glass panels, elevator doors.
Design Industry Display cases, showcases, museum panels.
Retail and Commercial Industry Glass countertops, tables, pins/pillars.
Defense and Security Industry Toughened glass panels, shields.

There are a lot more other uses and applications of tempered curve glass, so, don’t worry!

Can Tempered Curved Glass Be Toughened?

Toughened and strengthened curved glass

Tempered curved glass unit that can be toughened and strengthened further

There’s no actual need for tempered curved glass to be toughened because of the fact that they already are tough. As a matter of fact, doing this could brittle up the unit, subjecting it to be weaker and more prone to cracks/damages.

But, to answer the question, yes, you can because toughening it would just require heating it again. Toughening tempered curved glass further is possible – but, be cautious because it can make the unit weaker.

What is Curved Glazing?

Glazing is the process of toughening or laminating glass by bolting panes directly to a metal framework, passing it through drilled holes.

curved glass wall

Waterfall table, curved glazed bent glass

What this does is add another layer of security/strength or protection to the glass by installing a separate layer or unit of glass that’s separated and sealed by gas.

And in case you’re curious about how glass glazing is done, it is as follows:

NOTE:Let’s consider that the product you are to create would be double-glazed windows.

  1. Two (2) panes of glass are positioned.
  2. Then, they are placed in a metal or steel framework and is separated by a single spacer – inert gas.
  3. The spacer is airtight to the extent that no air will come in or escape – it’s vacuumed.

No matter what the shape or form of the glass is, it can be glazed!

Can You Purchase Custom Curved Glass?

Ideally speaking, toughened curved glass units need to be custom because not everyone has the same type of liking.

Custom curved glass for decoration

Custom curved glass for decoration/commercial application

All manufacturers of tempered curved glass accept customizations and specifications of orders, so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

There are many custom tempered bent glass suppliers you can work with in the market, you’ll never run out of options! In fact, the customizations you can do are not limited to the shape of the glass. You can also choose to customize and specify the properties and characteristics, the strengths and weaknesses, the materials used, etc.

How is Tempered Curved Glass Made?

Tempered curved glass unit in different sizes

Tempered curved glass unit in different sizes

In brief, here’s the bending/curving + tempering process so you get a better understanding of how it’s done.

  1. The float glass is heated and is subjected to highly fluctuating temperatures (usually above 630°C) or until it is red hot and is machinable.
  2. When it gets to the correct temperature, it will then be moved into the bending station where it will be bent and curved until it reaches a particular angle/radius.
  3. After that, it will be bent into the direction where the glass flows (lengthwise).
  4. Then, it will be bent and curved at the opposite side of the flow (crosswise).
  5. It will then be cooled down to a brim and will be taken out of the furnace for strengthening.

The process of making tempered curved glass is the same like how it was done in the past.

Tempered Curved Glass vs. Normal Curved Glass

There are many differences between normal curved glass and tempered curved glass.

Normal curved glass

Image of two (2) normal curved glass units

尽管这个术语,区别只是e (1), you’ll find that tempered bent glass and regular or standard curved glass are a lot different.

Toughened bend glass use as a coffee table

Toughened bend glass that’s shaped as a coffee table

As blunt as it seems, it’s somewhat similar to identifying standard float glass from tempered glass. Nevertheless, here’s how these two (2) products are different:

Regular/Standard Curved Glass Tempered Curved Glass
More fragile and more likely to break. Stronger and more resilient (four times stronger than standard curved glass).
Used for decorations and fragile applications. Less fragile and is usually used for safety and security purposes.
When broken, it will turn into small-to-medium-sized shards, which can be dangerous. Breaks and gets partitioned into small parts but are safe and harmless – they’re not sharp.
It can be transformed, cut, and be molded further. Once the curved glass is tempered, no other process is capable of changing or modifying it further.
Typical applications of standard float glass include mirrors, standard windows, light fittings and fixtures, and so on. Tempered curved glass is for applications that require strength, resilience, and durability, like custom facades, insulated glass, automobile and aerospace applications, and many more!

These are all the minor and major differences between standard/regular curved glass and tempered curved glass! Of course, there are far more than these, it’s just that, these are among the most common!

What Types of Glass Can You Use As Toughened Bend Glass?

Almost all types of glass units are available for tempering. But, as we know, the tempering procedure includes heating the glass material at a certain temperature.

Laminated glass that’s bent and curved

Laminated glass that’s bent and curved

So, the temperature would depend on the type of glass that you’re going to use.

To help you further, here are the most common types of glass you can use as toughened curved glass:

  • Standard float glass
  • Gorilla glass
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Laminated glass
  • Anti-reflective (AR) and anti-glare (AG)
  • And many more!

You can take advantage of a wide array of glass products for the toughened bent glass your business needs!

What Finishing Processes Can You Do to Curved Toughened Glass?

正如我们上面提到的,一旦一个玻璃单元curved, it’ll already be incapable of other processes and procedures. This is because the unit would already be subject to all the possible physical modifications it has, and therefore, it can’t be modified further.

But, of course, there are certain procedures that can be made to a glass unit even before it is subjected to tempering. These surface finishing processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating
  • Non-Glare or anti-glare (AG) Coating
  • Anti-Smudge or Anti-Fingerprint (AF) Coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Screen printing or Color-printing
  • Surface grinding
  • Coating

NOTE:These procedures are usually accomplished before the exact tempering process is done to the glass unit. Why? – Because once a glass unit is tempered, it has already gone to its final form, which disallows it to be modified any longer.

Advantages of Using Tempered Curved Glass

The reason why a lot of tempered bent glass suppliers are currently rampant in the market is because of the fact that these glass units are efficient and effective.

Bent toughened tempered glass

Bent toughened glass (used as a side table)

As a matter of fact, there lies quite a few pros and advantages of using them.

Stronger and More Durable

Compared to standard glass or float glass, tempered bend glass units are about four (4) to five (5) times stronger and longer-lasting. Because of the heating and cooling process, it undergoes, they’re able to exhibit some properties and characteristics that standard float glass isn’t able to.

They’re also less likely to break and be damaged compared to standard glass or float glass.

Safer and More Secure

Following the strength, durability, and longevity of tempered curved glass, they’re also more secure and safer. What this means is that unlike regular float glass, when tempered glass products break and scatter, they won’t turn into harmful and cutting shards.

This is the primary reason why tempered glass is often utilized for windshields, refrigerator shelves, glass cabinets, as well as other end products

Heat and Scratch-Resistant

Tempered bend glass are also known to be units that have high levels of heat and scratch resistance, making them ideal for applications that involve high and fluctuating levels of heat, such as for kitchen tools, appliances, and components, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries, and many more!

They’re also the best when it comes to applications where they’re more likely scratched and dented like glass doors, windows, etc.

Versatile and Flexible

Last, but most definitely not least of the advantages you can get with tempered glass units is that they are flexible and versatile. They’re flexible in a sense that they can be turned into tempered bent glass, they can be angled and folded, and versatile because you’ll be able to use them in many different platforms and business industries.

Disadvantages of Using Toughened Bent Glass

Tempered bend glass

Tempered bend glass products are final and cannot be processed any longer

There are a couple of disadvantages and cons of using tempered bent glass units, too, and some of the most common ones are:

Further Processing Restrictions

Unlike standard glass or float glass, tempered curved glass units, once they’re made and finalized, they wouldn’t be eligible or available for machining or modifying again. Everything that needs to be added must be added before the tempering process.

So, if you want it to be at a desired shape, it needs to be formed before the tempering process.

Self-Explosion Possibilities

Another disadvantage that tempered bend glass has is that it is known to have self-explosion occurrences. Because of the heat, it’s subjected to, it can be compacted, and, therefore, explode when it comes across a compound or a chemical that it’s in contrast with.

Irregularities are Especially Common

Lastly, tempered curved glasses are known to have irregularities. What this simply means is that there could be bumps, slight modification in the thickness, as well as bubble or air spots on the surface.

This is inevitable since no other processes can be done when it reaches its peak. So, you’ll just need to consider or factor that in as well.

These are the cons or drawbacks of using tempered curved glass units – there are others, but don’t worry, because, the pros and advantages definitely outweigh the cons!

The Future of Tempered Bend Glass

Because tempered curved glass is already a widely used material in various business sectors and industries, how can we anticipate its effectiveness and efficiency in the future?

According to experts, tempered bent glass products are still in the bubble of innovation, where many experts and businesses are currently experimenting with what other additives and complementary properties they can add to it.

What we are witnessing today, though, with regard to the effectiveness of tempered curved glass products are already beyond whatever we can imagine.

And in case you’re interested to work with an all-in-one company that can supply you with tempered curved glass, you can trust and bank on us here at SXET! For more than a decade, many businesses in the same field look at us as their go-to support for the processes and methods they’re not familiar with.

Let’s take a closer look at our expertise in the process of tempered curved glass manufacturing below.

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